Bobcat-S Serial Module

Bobcat-S Serial Module


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The Serial Bobcat™ provides an interface from the ADICON system to serial-controlled devices. The data transfer is output only from the Bobcat. Received data is compared to the stored message list and if a match is found it then alerts the controller of the message number.

Size: 2.5″L x 1.35″W x 0.6″H
  • ADNET: 2 Screw Terminals
  • Power: 2 Screw Terminals*
  • 9 pin DB-9 serial connector (RS-232)
  • 2-wire cable (RS-485)

* (up to 14 AWG)

Power: 9-12 Volts AC or DC, 30 mA.


Additional information

Communication Type

RS232, RS485